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Soma Majuu Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

Educare International is excited to share with you the Soma Majuu Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Initiative, which will enable anyone to now be able to study abroad without selling their property. This is a collaboration with Gulf African Bank that will see students access funding for their study abroad pursuit.

Post Study Work Rights For International Students

The Australian government will elongate the post-graduation employment period for international students to strengthen the pipeline of skilled workers.

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Educare Stories | Meet Lauryn Mirieri | Study in Canada

Meet Lauryn Mirieri, a student pursuing her undergraduate in Canada. She shares her experience in Canada and highlights a few do's an don't when looking to travel to Canada for studies.

20 September - 2022

Earn A Postgraduate In London From MiddleSex University.

As one of the most popular cities for international students, London is replete with first-rate universities and colleges. One of which, Middlesex University, is making a big push towards attracting students, especially their postgraduate and masters programmes.

12 September - 2022

How To Make The Study Abroad Process Easy.

The application process to study abroad can be long and arduous. There are so many forms to fill out, deadlines to meet and of course there are so many countries, schools and colleges to choose from.

12 September - 2022